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Welcome to the Homepage of Personality and Human Relationships (PRH) in the United States

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently NOT using the Workshops section of the website to post our offerings. These are listed in the OTHER EVENTS section of the website.

If your quest is to discover your best self and to form meaningful relationships, we invite you to explore this website. Reward yourself by taking a few minutes to learn about the tools that others from around the world have been using for over 30 years.


“Our mission is to offer adults tools for self-discovery in an environment of respect and freedom, and to contribute to the positive evolution of our human community.”

“WHAT do those letters mean…PRH?”

PRH is the acronym, or initial letters, of the official French name of our international school of adult education, Personnalite et Relations Humaines. PRH is known in the English-speaking world as Personality and Human Relationships. About PRH

“WHAT makes PRH different from other schools of education?”

  • Its approach to both personality and to relationships in terms of the positive core of the person.
  • Its use of a teaching method based on self-discovery.
  • Its four decades of research and application of its tool set in a variety of cultural and social settings.

“HOW does PRH work?”

You will choose, with coaching from a PRH Educator, the tools you want to learn. Our school offers you several options for acquiring these tools, with a wide variety of formats:

  • Workshops – The most used component of our curriculum: half, one, two and five day sessions are available. Workshops
  • Helping Relationship – One-on-one meetings with a PRH Educator. Helping Relationship
  • Follow-Up Groups – A resource for persons who want sustained focus and support for continued growth after the workshop experience. Follow-up Groups
  • Personalized Growth Program – A year’s program of personal activities aimed at objectives you choose to fit your growth needs, in collaboration with a PRH Educator. Personalized Growth Program

“WHY should I choose PRH to help me grow?”

  • PRH Education works! It has been working for almost 40 years. Testimonials
  • Our priority is your positive life force, not your history or hurts. Curriculum
  • PRH Education is respectful of individual differences, exeriences and needs.
  • We have a wide range of educational programs for individuals, couples or groups. Educational Opportunities
  • PRH Educators are trained, supervised, and practice PRH methods in their own lives. About PRH Educators

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